Protection – Sage


“It’s like she’s still here!” Jennifer said.

“Who?” I asked.

“My mother-in-law. I don’t know how Sam could come from that woman. When she’s in the room with you, it’s like being smothered in resentment and broken dreams.”

“And you still feel her energy?” I asked.

“Yeah! How can it be? She finally went back to her home in New Jersey. But it’s like I can’t escape from her.”

“Let me tell you about smudging,” I said. Originally a Native American technique, smudging helps you cleanse a person or space for protection. Here’s how smudging is a protection-technique. Negative energy sometimes gets on a person. Think of dog hair or cat hair. So you need to dispel this negative energy, and smudging does that.

Spiritual cleansing is a good way to protect yourself, just like washing your hands helps you stay healthy.

In smudging you use the sacred herb, sage. One process is to use a bundle of sage. You carefully light the end of the sage bundle, enough so that smoke rises from the end.

When you use sage it acts like a sponge that soaks up the negative energy of a place or a person (the person’s aura).


How Burning Sage Connects with the Four Elements

Use an abalone shell as a holder for the sage bundle or loose leaves. The shell stands for the Element Water in the smudging process. The sage itself represents the Element Earth.

As the sage burns, we honor the Element Fire. The smoke rising from the burning sage represents the Element Air.

How to Use Sage to Cleanse a Space or a Person

You will need:

The bundle method: Gather enough of the herb sage to make a good pile of it. Use some cotton string or any other natural fiber and gather the sage. Bind the herb strands together to make a sage bundle.

Other method. You could place a pile of sage leaves in a fireproof container.

Next bless and consecrate your sage by using blessed holy water and incense from your altar.

When you are ready, light the sacred sage bundle and waft the smoke arising from the sage around the area to be cleansed.

As you waft the sacred sage smoke around the area, chant or say an incantation of healing or clearing. Envision the sage smoke absorbing the negative energy of a space or a person’s aura.

Fan the smoke and envision the negative energy dissolving away as the smoke dissipates. Make sure to open any windows and fan the smoke out of the home or away from the person being cleansed, healed and protected.


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