The Wiccan’s Most Powerful Tool




Lisa reeled from the bad news: Her car needed repairs that were so expensive that it was better that she get another car!

She searched for an appropriate car—through friends, social media, Craigslist and more.

She considered buying a car from a car rental agency. She couldn’t find one that fit her pricing and the features required by her family.

What kind of magick to perform?

Lisa struggled with trying to pick some form of magick to help her in her quest for a car. She didn’t have much time, burdened with significant family obligations.

Lisa racked her brain for answers as the time ticked by. She needed a car and she needed it now.

Your Most Powerful Tool

Lisa asked me what she could do that would take little time.

I replied, “Use your most wonderful and powerful tool.”

“Yes? What is it?” she asked.

“Your mind,” I replied. “Visualize what you really want. You could do a visualization session, even for just minutes a day.”

For three nights in a row, Lisa visualized the features and size of the car that would be ideal for her family’s needs. She even pictured a rare color for the car that she really wanted. She fueled her visualizations with her desperate feelings of desire for this car.

(In our conversations, Lisa asked me, “Is having desperate feelings of desire good?”

“What empowers your visualizations is holding a strong force of desire,” I answered. “Strong emotion energizing your desire can be helpful.”)

The next day, Lisa had an intuition to return to a car dealership that she had visited just four days earlier. As soon as Lisa’s friend Marge parked her car, Lisa saw it!–the car she had been visualizing. She went up to the used car and found that it had all the features she and her family needed. The mileage was only 9,000 miles, and it was this year’s model! She was overjoyed. The price was amazing, and she soon owned the car.


Using your mind effectively with positive visualization is a powerful tool that a witch possesses at all times.

Use your mind well and manifest your dreams.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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