How do I get Initiated into a Wiccan Group?


“How do I get into a coven?” one of my students asked.

“It really depends on the coven,” I replied.

“What about getting initiated?” he asked.

“That’s the process of becoming accepted into a coven through a ritual. But first you must be deemed to be ready,” I said.

A seeker (a candidate for initiation) must go through several steps before a coven will even consider the person as a match to join their group.

I’ll talk about this process in terms of three vital questions:

1) Does the coven know you?

For a group to know you takes time. If you just met one member of a coven, do not push. I know that it may be hard to go slowly because seekers are so excited about their newfound path and they want to get started now.

Go slowly and interact with the group members so you can see if you’re a match to the group and if you feel comfortable.

Try not to be too forward. Still, express your interest in the process of initiation with this particular coven.

If you don’t click with the group or particular individuals, it’s good to know.

You can ask for a referral to another group.

A friend of mind has a particular question that I find helpful: “Did you work with them and would you do it again?”

2) Are you reliable?

A group wants to know if you can be counted on. Do you bring what you’ve agreed to bring to the group gatherings? Are you on time for group meetings? If you’re delayed, do you call to give the group a heads-up?

Groups tend to avoid giving invitations to those who are not reliable.

3) Are you dedicated to the Gods?

Is this just a passing fancy? Are you a weekend pagan? Do you just want the kicks of being called a witch?

The whole point of the Wiccan spiritual journey is to honor the God and the Goddess. If that isn’t your intention, there is no value in being initiated.

As a High Priestess, I look carefully at all of the above details. Finding the right candidate involves so many variables.

Some groups may be looking for a new person to fill in a “slot.” Each member has a specialty. The members fit like jigsaw puzzle pieces. If a group has an herbalist already and that’s your specialty, you may not be a fit for that particular group.

Some Wiccans prefer the path of a solitary witch. I walked that path for years until I moved to a new city and met new neighbors.

If you’re considering the path of a coven member, take care and take the time to find a great home.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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