“I’m So Terrified to Die”


“I’m so terrified to die,” wrote one of the followers of my blog.

The person went on to say, “I don’t want to be like an atheist, but I’m not connecting to my soul.”

My intuition gave me the idea to share this:

“To help you connect with your soul and the Gods, I would suggest you go out into the forest or even a secluded place (pick a safe place) in a park if you can’t get to the forest. Then sit quietly. Notice nature around you. Listen to the sounds of nature. Now as you sit quietly ask the God and Goddess for a sign. Breathe deeply and slowly. Be still and relax.

The sign could be as simple as seeing a bird or some other animal (domestic or wild). You might see some fallen leaves on the ground that inspire a thought or feeling in you. Perhaps, a patch of snow in a particular shape catches your eye. 

The sign does not have to come with trumpets and a parade. Most likely, it will be something small, something quiet.

But it will be there. Take your time and just sit. Listen and witness the miracle of the world. It may take a while. I suggest resting there for 20 minutes, 45 minutes or more. You can stay as long as you wish after that.

Do this on a regular basis. Soon you may see the signs of the Gods.”

Perhaps, my comments above reach something deep in you.

We Wiccans often find the God and Goddess in quiet signs found in the natural world.

I also suggest that a number of us may find the God and Goddess in a moment of creativity. Finding a connection with God and Goddess can arrive in many ways because we’re all individuals. My friend Sarah says that she finds a sign when she’s drawing or sketching. It’s like she becomes a conduit of the Divine.

My friend Mark tells me that he discovers insights as he writes. He may be writing for 10 minutes and not like what he’s writing. Then, a flash of insight, and he sees something new arrive as he keeps typing. “Where did that come from?” he asks. But then he knows. The God and Goddess wanted to say something through him.

Wiccans also connect with the God and Goddess through meditation and doing ritual.

Blessed Be,

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