Call Upon the Goddess and God


The Goddess gently held my left hand, and I could feel Her loving energy flow into my hand. Then the God took my right hand in His.

I felt so comforted, and this is when I knew in the core of my being that Wicca and my connection with God and Goddess were absolutely real.

Today, I was surprised. A dear friend asked me how often do I recall this experience that arose in one of my meditation sessions.

“Not often,” I replied.

“You don’t purposely reconnect with those feelings and that memory each week?” my friend asked.

“No, I don’t. Usually I find life too busy,” I said.

Wait a minute! Is this how I want my life to be?

What would I like my life to be? Less chaotic!

It seems that many of us are searching for that.

My friend asked, “When, during your week, is your life less chaotic?”

Recently, I have not made space for the experience of peace and connection on a daily basis.

I share this with you as an invitation for both you and me to find our simple ways to access our inner peace.

Just today, my friend and I went to Barnes and Noble, and she bought an adult coloring book Atlantis and some tinted pencils. “I’m going to see if this does relax me,” she said.

For us, Wiccans, we could simply set aside five minutes to deep breathe and call upon the Goddess and God.

Isn’t that possible?

Blessed Be,

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