Why the Misuse of “Warlock” is an Important Topic


“Why is the misuse of the term ‘warlock’ bothering you so much, Moonwater?” a dear friend asked me.

“Warlock is not the name for a male witch. A male witch is simply called a witch,” I began.

Warlock is a derogatory term that means oath breaker and liar. Why is this important? In Wicca, oaths are an essential part of our whole spiritual path.

For example, as a 3rd Degree Wiccan Priestess, I am oath-bound to never reveal certain secret knowledge passed to me by my mentors. I do NOT share certain details with family members or friends who have NOT been initiated.

Wicca is a power path, and people can misuse such power. If a Wiccan breaks certain oaths, bad consequences will result. This is serious!

Furthermore, my journey of rising to 3rd degree occurred over eight years. During that time, my mentor made sure that I was ready for deep and secret knowledge revealed at each level. This was about personal safety.

So beware of the distortions that the media and other sources express.

Words have power, and they need to be used in the correct manner.

Blessed Be,

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