What could possibly make magick or spells fail to work for someone?



Many times a person may block the spell unknowingly because human beings tend to build emotional walls around themselves. Such walls are blocks that keep one stuck. This is an unconscious process. We need to unblock ourselves and tear down these walls.

Here is an example. Sarah does a money spell because her stated goal is: “I want to be rich.” The spell fails to work. She sits down to do a meditation session. She asks, “What is blocking me?” During the meditation, images and sounds arise. She sees, in her mind’s eye, a gathering in which she and friends say biased things against rich people. On the subconscious level, Sarah and her friends feel “more spiritual” than rich people. This unconscious block stops Sarah from enhancing her income. On the subconscious level, she does not want to join the “less spiritual,” rich people.

The truth is: a significant number of people have a subconscious “counter-desire” that blocks their progress.

Sarah learns to develop a willingness to let go of her biased viewpoints about “rich people.” She realizes that she can be kind and generous at any time. She can trust that as her income grows, she can continue to be kind and generous.

Some months ago, I did a workshop about removing these forms of blocks.

It’s true that it can take work to let go and remove blocks.

It’s worth it.

Blessed Be,

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