Fairies, Shadow People and Spirits — Oh My!


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shape. Wispy. Dark-tinted but see through. Sort of an outline. Then it was gone. I saw these shapes about five times in a house I used to live in. Ghosts? No. They’re called Shadow People. One of my mentors gave me some information about the Shadow People. An important distinction is that Shadow People are spirits that have never been incarnate; they are not ghosts. Shadow People are negative spirits that can engulf people in fear.

I was fortunate. I moved out of that house, and I did not have extreme encounters with the Shadow People. Warning: Do NOT contact the Shadow People.

Recently, one of my readers asked: “How do I contact the Fair Folk?”

There are several ways to contact the Fairies (also known as The Fey). By the way, Fairies like flowers. If you compliment a flower and say how pretty it is, the associated fairy likes it. Fairies like being complimented for their work.

The most popular method to contact a Fairy is through offerings. A popular offering is honey and milk.

Some fairies prefer a certain element. You can pick a certain offering related to a specific element.

Water                         Fire                             Earth                          Air
Wine                            Incense                        Crystals/Stones           Incense
Juice                            Burning an offering    Seeds                           Singing
Milk                             Smoke                           Dance                           Music

Another powerful way is to meditate with a pure heart and with respect. Ask for a sign. The Fey don’t like to be seen.

Some people report that they have actually seen the Fey. If the Fey want you to see them, then they will choose to become visible. But most of the time, they only allow themselves to be seen in your peripheral vision if at all.

When it comes to Fairies, Shadow People and Spirits, be respectful.

Blessed Be,

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