How can anyone get some supernatural power?


In workshops and guest appearances in college Comparative Religion classes, I’ve heard people ask this and similar questions.

Some people want supernatural power so they can bring their life to a happier and more successful place. I can relate to that. To accomplish positive and powerful results in your life you do not need “supernatural powers.” Magick is not supernatural. At, supernatural is defined as: unable to be explained by science or the laws of nature: of, relating to, or seeming to come from magic, a god, etc.

Magick follows the laws of nature. We’re not asking, in the traditional Christian mode, for God’s intervention. In Wicca, witches are marshalling natural power in certain ways. Here’s the process:


To do successful magick, you need to understand several things. First, you must have an intent. You need to know what you want to manifest. I know this sounds simple, but many people just don’t think the intent through.

Let’s say you want a car. Okay, why do you want a car? Is it to take you to your job? Or is it something you want to have people envy?  Hey I don’t judge. But if you just say “I want a car” to the universe, you are likely to get that Pinto down the block.

Let’s say you just moved to a new area and you need a car to get you around. You want something nice but economical. You don’t want a piece of junk that will break down on you every chance it gets. I suggest you go shopping, whether it be on the internet or at a car lot. Get to know what you want and like for your car.

When you pick out features, you’re attaching specific desires to the car. This will help manifest the car you want versus the junk heap down the block. Refine your image of the perfect car in your mind. Include other requirements you have like good gas mileage and inexpensive repair costs. The more specific you are with your intent, the less there will be unexpected results like getting the lemon down the lane.

Having a solid intent is your first step before you do any magick. Once you have that cornerstone set you can continue with the second thing which is concentration. During your spell you will need lots of concentration and visualization.


 We’ll continue with the process of manifesting a particular car. You can use a toy car as a visualization focus object. As you stare at the toy car, you also use your mind to imagine getting into a real car and driving it. You can even take a number of steps further. For instance, if you desire a convertible car, you imagine the wind blowing through your hair as you drive with the top down.


 This is the process of focusing and then refocusing your mind on your visualization task. In essence, you concentrate on the object and on the images in your mind that are specific for your desired manifestation. It is natural for the mind to wander at times. When it does, you just consciously redirect your mind to focus on the visualization object once again.


 Some Wiccans begin with meditation to clear the mind before using both concentration and visualization. Let’s return to the Tree of Life Meditation we covered in Chapter 9. Remember that you combined a focus on your breath with envisioning energy blossoming from your head as branches and from your feet as roots. (For specifics, return to Chapter 9).

Once you have cleansed your energy via the Tree of Life Meditation, you will focus on a shape—that is, a mental image of a shape (perhaps, a triangle or sphere). Using your mind’s eye, view the shape from every angle. Concentrate on this shape for an extended time.


 The Collins English Dictionary defines willpower as “the ability to control oneself and determine one’s actions.”

Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., author of The Willpower Instinct, wrote: “Willpower is about harnessing the three powers of I will, I won’t and I want to help you to achieve your goals (and stay out of trouble).”

When it comes to successfully performing magick, willpower, to me, means the driving force of desire for some form of change. So I focus on the power of “I will.” This is an important distinction because many people think of willpower as only the ability to avoid temptation.

The compelling observation is that Wiccans, who become proficient at these three processes of visualization, concentration, and meditation, actually strengthen their will. How? Once you do the three processes, you actually enhance your belief, and you push through your doubt.

Realize, you need to will something into being. This includes confidence that what you are doing will work. If you don’t have that, your spell just won’t become a reality.

You need your will for your intent to be as strong as possible. This is why when we are desperate for something, we can usually manifest it. Using your will is deeply rooted in your desire. Lack of will just creates another belly flop.

I’ve now shared with you the five must-haves (intent, visualization, concentration, meditation and willpower) for doing magick that works.

Now, let’s talk about some of the other tools we use to manifest our desires.

When you start to create a spell, you begin with the intent. Once you have that strongly in place, you start crafting the wording of the spell. Be specific, and in this way you will avoid loopholes or misunderstandings in your magick. Vague wording leads to mistakes and disappointment. Remember, if you merely ask for a car, you might get one that is a piece of junk.

Another tool for working magick is using herbs that attract a particular thing or effect. For example, to attract money, Wiccans often use cinnamon. They also use sage for purifying spaces, people, and more.

I would suggest keeping things simple, at least to start with. Simple spells can be the most potent because they are easy to do.

An example of a simple technique is to appease the Younger Self, which can be considered one’s inner child. The Feri (Fairy) tradition calls this part of ourselves “Sticky Self.” The Younger Self (inner child) likes to play. Younger Self likes song, dance, rhyme, and all the sparkly shiny things in life. She/he likes rattles and other objects which we can use as tools to connect with Younger Self.

Why am I talking about Younger Self? Wiccans use Younger Self as a messenger to the Gods. You need to keep Younger Self’s attention so that she/he gets the message right. This may sound silly, but doing things that would keep a five-year-old happy in your magick is a good start. This is one reason why we use feathers, incense, candles, and other tools in our magick. There are other reasons, too. Everything has its own energy and meaning. Such energy and meaning help you focus and add power to the work that you do. Don’t forget this is work. It takes a lot of energy and concentration to do spell work and magick in general.

So you have your intent and your words in rhyme. You have added other elements to make Younger Self happy and to lend extra meaning/power to your magick. At this point, once you have gathered all that you need, you cast circle. Do the spell by using your items to focus on your intent. Chant your words and use a power-raising technique (all while keeping keen concentration on your intent).

The next step is important. Without this step, you might as well not have done all the previous efforts. What step am I talking about? You need to let all that energy you raised and all that focus go. That’s right, you need to release it into the universe so that it can do the job you set it out to do. This lets Younger Self carry your message to the Gods and to create the change you desire.

*  *  *

So as you can see, witches have special ways to work with magick. We use the natural energies around us to create change with Will, Intent, Visualization, Concentration and Meditation.


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