A Source of Peace


Patrick, a Wiccan elder, has a peaceful demeanor. I’d like some of that. Wouldn’t you? Perhaps, you’ve endured some tough times. Wicca, for example, strengthened me so I could leave an abusive marriage.

What’s one way to have a big change of perspective and to acquire some inner peace? Connect with trees. I mean it. Take a walk in a wooded area and breathe easily. Notice if you’re drawn to a particular tree. Use the ancient Wiccan greeting for communicating with a tree: Shaminah-Gidoff-Gidow. [I have typed this phonetically.] When you say this phrase out loud, you’re telling the tree that you wish it ever flowing water. This is the proper greeting to the tree.

Hold your hands out and on the trunk or limb of the tree. Open your heart and mind. Reach out to the tree with them. Then listen.

You may get feelings, pictures, words or whole sentences.

When you’re done, leave a gift for the tree. Here is a list of suggestions. (Make sure your gift is biodegradable and that it won’t hurt the tree.)

You can even meditate under the tree. Remember: Always thank the tree.

Try and establish a relationship with the tree. Visit weekly to talk, listen and leave a small gift.

Blessed Be,

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