Did witches fly or not?


One of my readers asked, “Did witches fly or not?”

We do not literally fly (unless we are in a plane).

Okay. I had to get that one in.

Still, the idea of flying did have some connection to actual events. Some Wiccans used a “flying ointment” which would place the witch in an altered state that included the sensation of flying.

A flying ointment was used to gain knowledge and to see those things that one normally could not see. Like what? Visions of the future. For some witches, using a flying ointment was a bit like a vision quest in that one was seeking answers from the God and Goddess.

Another question that comes up is: “What is this about witches and brooms?” Straddling a broom and leaping up (as high as one could) was connected to fertility and to how high the crops would grow. As you can guess, the broom was a fertility symbol.

Making love in the field was also considered a way to ensure a great harvest.

So these two things “flying and brooms” had connections to things that actually occurred.

Blessed Be,

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