How Do You Pick the Right Coven for You?

Raven Ouroborose

One of my readers asked, “How do you pick the right coven for you?”

That can be a complicated topic. Here I’ll share three helpful methods.

  1. Devote some time with the coven members in a casual setting.

Look at getting together for coffee (or another beverage). Have some casual conversations and note how you feel when you’re in the presence of the coven members. Are you comfortable? After the get-together, do you feel good? Energized?

Or was your experience somehow different? Did you feel like you just didn’t mesh with a number of the coven members? Did they somehow look down upon you for being too much of a “newbie” – or something else?

  1. Watch how coven members interact with each other.

Do they treat each other with respect? Is there bickering among some coven members? You’re looking for a safe and uplifting environment. Even if you’re “desperate” to join a coven, you might find that a specific coven is not (at the moment) a healthy place for you. You might even be triggered (that is, something from your past may be rising up. Someone may be acting in a cruel way like your sibling did when you were younger).

  1. Observe whether it is too hard to get to the coven’s meeting place.

Covens work when members can consistently attend ritual. If it’s too hard to get to the meeting place, particularly if you’ve had a draining week, you might miss some gatherings.

Also, pay attention to whether the meetings run late and whether you can be safe on your way home (if you take public transportation).


Ultimately, joining a coven is for uplifting your soul. Be careful and keep looking for a good match.

Blessed Be,

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