Protect Yourself from Pesky Entities

Iron Bell

Iron Bell

Protect Yourself from Pesky Entities

Mark held the gargoyle and said, “This is so cool. I really inherited something good.”

If only that were true.

Mark noticed that he was hit with a number occurrences that people often call bad luck. Things like: the alarm clock fails which makes one late for work. Appliances malfunction. You name it.

Mark paused and reflected: The previous owner of the statue had a streak of bad luck—job loss, divorce and then death!

Mark placed an amethyst crystal inside the statue. You see, amethyst turns all negative energy into white light. Problem solved, right?

Three days later, Mark checked on the crystal, which had turned completely black. Next step, he packed the statue with blessed salt. But things still kept going wrong in his life.

What to do? Mark took the cursed statue to a bridge over a body of salt water and tossed it in. Why? Using both salt (in the water) and earth (the floor of the bay), Mark had found a way to protect himself and other people from the cursed statue’s influence.

Negative or pesky entities have many forms.

I’ll now share four methods for dealing with negative entities/energies.

  • Strike an Iron Bell (or other iron object)

Some Wiccans find it helpful to strike an iron bell as a self-defense method when dealing with unruly Fey individuals.

(A number of Fey individuals can be suitable allies for humans. The Fey are known as powerful entities. Still, some of them may cause havoc.)

If you need to defend yourself, know that the Fey find it painful to hear a person ring or bang on iron. Such noises drive them away. Why? Because iron severs the connection to the natural energies of the earth, trees, water and other energy-generating elements.

Iron will bind the Fey’s magick. Additionally, the Fey use the above energies for their magick. These elements are the source of sustenance for the Fey. So, if they are around iron for too long, they can die.

  • Use Loud Noise

Chinese individuals set off firecrackers to scare off demons and baneful spirits. This is one reason that Chinese individuals use fireworks during New Years celebrations.

  • Make Holy Water with Blessed Salt and Water

Wiccans often use salt to purify a space or even a person’s home. Negative entities often cannot stand being in contact with Wiccan holy water.

  • Burn Sage to Purify an Area

When you burn sage, you purify the space it is burnt in. Just waft the smoke from the burning sage around the space while speaking aloud: “I am clearing this space of all negative entities and energies.”

In summary, the effective witch* uses methods like those above to stay safe and to live well.

* For more methods, see my new book, Be a Wiccan Badass

Blessed Be,


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