The Scene at PantheaCon 2017


Oooh! When I walk into PantheaCon and see my Pagan brothers and sisters dressed in their sacred symbols, I know that I’ve returned to one of my homes. 2017 is my 11th year of attending PantheaCon.

What a joy it is to see the vendor room with the robes, pentacles, candles – and more! I admit it; I got some new necklaces. (I do like supporting the vendors.)


Sharing hugs with old friends and then enjoying the magic of making new friends – this nourishes my soul.


Starhawk and Moonwater


Anna Korn and Moonwater








As a member of Covenant of the Goddess (CoG), I attended the annual CoG meeting.

I just had the thought that it would be good to introduce more people to CoG so the following material I’m sharing is visible on their website (


An Overview of the Covenant of the Goddess

The Covenant of the Goddess is one of the largest and oldest Wiccan religious organizations. Wicca, or Witchcraft is the most popular expression of the religious movement known as Neo-Paganism. Wicca or Witchcraft is the fastest growing religion in the United States according to the Institute for the Study of American Religion. It’s practitioners are reviving ancient Pagan practices and beliefs of pre-Christian Europe and adapting them to contemporary life. The result is a religion that is both old and new, both traditional and creative. …


The Covenant of the Goddess was founded in 1975 to increase cooperation among Witches and to secure for Witches and covens the legal protection enjoyed by members of other religions.”

Hmmm. While I’m at it, this would be a good time to share material from another group I belong to—New Wiccan Church (NWC). The following material is visible at their website


About the New Wiccan Church International

The New Wiccan Church is neither a tradition nor a coven, but is a professional and service organization by and for members of all branches of the Traditional Craft. The goals of the New Wiccan Church are the preservation, protection, and promotion of British Traditional Wicca.

To fulfill these goals the NWC provides assistance, resources, and opportunities for communication to its members, the Wiccan Community, and the general public.

More specifically, the NWC provides:

  • A public face and voice for Traditional Wicca, including websites and public presentations
  • A point of contact to provide information and expertise to law enforcement concerning Wicca and paganism.
  • A library of several thousand titles, of books, periodicals and other media relating to Wicca and related subjects
  • A Code of Ethics, based on the traditional teachings, for practical use. This document codifies agreed-upon standards of conduct for NWC members and provides a framework which the NWC encourages for use by other Wicca, and pagans as applicable
  • A framework within which members may apply for assistance, monetary or otherwise, in pursuing special projects, promoting events and acquiring ritual spaces and other physical property for the promotion of the Traditional Craft
  • Certificates and other credentials to aid in Wiccans receiving their rights as legal members of the clergy….

When I was a solitary witch, I gained much from my studies and my actual practice with magick.

When I joined a coven, I learned of these organizations and joined.

Both CoG and NWC have added much to my life.

You may want to consider applying to join these organizations.

Blessed Be,


Looking for gifts?


See my designs at Redbubble. For more of Moonwater SilverClaw, consider some of her books:

Be a Wiccan Badass: Become More Confident and Unleash Your Inner Power

As a Wiccan I found this an inspiring read. Written in a way that makes it accessible to everyone irrespective of their current knowledge. – Shona Cathro



Goddess Reveals Your Enchanted Light: Peace, Prosperity, Possibility Along Your Wiccan Path

I don’t generally write reviews on books I’ve read…but this time i feel lead to. This book spoke volumes to me, as if the author knew exactly where I’m coming from and what I’m struggling with. It’s not often a book can make me cry, but this one did by making me see the many blocks I’ve put up in my life. I knew they were there, but I’ve gotten skilled at pretending they’re not. Thank you for helping me see I’m not some freak because of circumstances throughout my life that have caused the blocks, and that i need to stop hiding from or burying them and face them one step at a time. – Crystal Sparks


Real Magick

Beyond the Law of Attraction to Real Magic: How You Can Remove Blocks to Prosperity, Happiness and Inner Peace

This book is a must have for all of those starting out on the spiritual path of Wicca and for all of those who are just looking for some light and love in their life. MoonWater SilverClaw uses her knowledge of Wicca and her personal experiences to not only teach the Law of Attraction in a clear manner but to help you use the Law of Attraction to better your life.

Through simple guided meditations and tips on living a happy healthy life this book takes you on a journey that will teach you how to love yourself, better your self image, and rid yourself of the negative energies that prevent you from reaching your goals.

This book covers many wonderful topics that will teach you basic magical practices as well as the theory and idea of “like attracts like” From setting up an alter to casting a circle and how to perform and find the magick that you are seeing in your life this book has so much to offer.

MoonWater SilverClaw is truly an inspirational writer for a newer generation of Wiccans and those seeking to use the natural energies of the earth to make changes in their life. Her writing style speaks from the heart because she has been where the reader is, she has used these techniques and steps to better her own life and now she is helping the reader use the Law of Attraction to better theirs – Amazon Customer


Goddess Has Your Back

Goddess Has Your Back: How Wicca Can Help You Raise Your Self-Esteem and Make Your Life Magickal

This is an absolute gem for the witch with issues. Rituals for things like self-esteem are something i have never seen before. Moonwater’s writing is engrossing and draws the reader in. I am a witch with PTSD M.S. and other issues and this book made me feel hopeful and capable. – t’air


The Hidden Children of the Goddess Book

The Hidden Children of the Goddess Embrace Wicca, Become Strong, Be at Peace with Yourself and the World Around You

Ms. SilverClaw has written a book that is really great for the beginner wanting to learn about Wiccan or wants to start practicing the art of Wicca. I found this book wonderful, easy to read, and extremely helpful and informative. It covers everything from what Wicca is, the history of Wicca and how Wicca became misassociated with evil, along with how Wicca can help/save people’s lives. Ms. SilverClaw also discusses practicing Wicca either in a Coven or Solo, and all the things you need in order to have in order to perform your ceremony, and she explains what each item means. She explains how to create spells and gives examples to use, and explains the pitfalls of creating certain types of spells. Ms. SilverClaw has truly created a book that is a cast all net the seems to cover everything that I needed to know to begin practicing Wicca. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for their first book on the topic and wants to start practicing the art of Wicca or is just curious about the topic. This is truly a Must Have book. – Tamra L. Shipman



Goddess Walks Beside You: How You Can Listen, Learn and Enjoy the Wiccan Path

This is a terrific book! It is like talking to the author over a cup of tea like one of the bloggers says. –  Kitri



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