What about Witches and the Gods?

One reader asked, “Do I need to have Gods to be a traditional witch?”

My first reflex was to reply, “Yes!”

Then I paused and thought about it. What might this person be thinking that leads to this question?

Perhaps, he or she thinks that a witch is simply someone who wields natural energy to create change. (That would be a sorceress.)

Maybe this person thinks that witches merely do spells to heal people and attract prosperity. (Still a sorceress.)

On the other hand, traditional witchcraft is about honoring the Old Gods. So, by definition, the answer is: “Yes. You need to honor the Old Gods to be a traditional witch.”

Then, we look at what tradition attracts you. The Gardnerian tradition has its own particular pantheon of Gods. By the way, I won’t be writing here about which Gods these are. Why? This knowledge is Oath Bound. One needs to be an initiated member in good standing with a Gardnerian coven to eventually learn of these Gods.

Still, one could look into various pantheons.

Here are a couple of examples:

(There are MANY more Gods in the below-referenced pantheons. The below list is just to give you a “taste.”)

Norse Pantheon

  • Odin father of all the Gods
  • Thor son of Odin God of thunder
  • Freya Goddess of love and beauty
  • Freyr God of fertility

Greek Pantheon

  • Hera – Goddess of marriage and intrigue
  • Hercules – God of strength and adventure
  • Hermes – God of travel and commerce
  • Hestia – Goddess of home and family

 Celtic Pantheon

  • The Daghdha – God of weather and crops
  • Arawn – God of life and death
  • Belenus – God of sun, light, and warmth
  • Brigantia – Goddess of rivers and livestock

Egyptian Pantheon

  • Ra-Horakhty – God of the sun, ruler of the gods
  • Anubis – God of judgment and death
  • Bastet – Goddess of cats and vengeance
  • Hathor – Goddess of love, music, and motherhood

In summary, the traditional witch does multiple things: She or he honors the Old Gods and works with magick to create change.

Blessed Be,


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