Protect Yourself from Big Samhain Mistakes – And Enjoy the Best of this Sabbat


“I don’t think I’ll ever do that supper ritual again!” my friend, Amanda said.

“What happened?” I asked.

“We invited the spirits of our dead friends and family members to the ritual supper, and they did NOT leave! Over the next days, I felt really depressed. I later learned that my friend, Alex, was hovering near me. I was being haunted,” Amanda said.

This is a real problem if one fails to do the appropriate precautions for a specific Samhain dinner, titled a “Dumb Supper.” The word dumb refers to “unable to speak.”

We (my coven) will soon hold our annual Dumb Supper. This is a ritual meal eaten without talking or even making a peep.

You invite your deceased loved ones by setting a place for them at the table. It is so nice to visit with departed friends and family members. Sometimes, you can hear them, and sometimes they show signs that they are present. For example, one of my coven mates told me she saw a sign swing back and forth waving “Hi.” It really moved her heart.

Be sure to “kick out” departed friends and family members after the celebration is done. You do not want them hanging around.  After you have shared your time with them, make sure they go back to the Land of the Dead where they belong.

I have heard of situations when a departed family member desperately tried to express his sorrow and attempts to apologize. Unfortunately, the living family member felt depressed or even scared.

Here is an example of language to send the spirits away: “Thank you for participating during our supper. We now send our departed family members and departed friends back to the Summerlands. We now Close the Veil. So Mote It Be.”

*  *  *  *  *  *

Ever wonder what you should and shouldn’t do during Samhain? Here are some quick tips for this Sabbat. This is just a partial list.

The Do’s:

  • Honor your departed friends and family.

Samhain is my favorite Sabbat. We honor those who have crossed the Veil with offerings and recalling memories of them when they were alive.

When you make offerings and bring up memories of your loved ones who have crossed over to the Summerlands, you bring them alive again in your own heart and others’ hearts.

Some things you can do are simple. You could fix their favorite meal or drink. Give them a toast with that drink with good energy and love.

  • The most important thing … Have fun!

This is a joyful time where we get to get to visit with our departed loved ones. Do you think that they want you to be sad? No. Our departed loved ones want us to be happy.

When you see or hear your departed loved ones, allow a smile to rise to your face. And, it’s also okay to have tears of joy when being reunited with departed loved ones.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t get upset with the Mundanes.

Don’t fret over the general society’s way of celebrating Samhain. Yes, they have taken and distorted some things from us, Pagans. Be kind. They don’t know any better. Instead, enjoy the festivities. You don’t have to be a downer to the Mundanes. Hand out candy. And have some fun.

  • Don’t do your ritual on the October 31st .

There will be too many distractions with answering the door and handing out goodies to the little ones in the evening. This is the reason why many witches celebrate on either the weekend before or after October 31st.

  • Don’t forget the Ancestor Altar.

Having an Ancestor Altar is really fun, and it’s a must for Samhain. Decorate your altar with pictures of passed loved ones and include your departed pets! Witches love their animals. And yes, they go to the Summerlands, too.

Just imagine … those of us who have had a lot of pets over the years, we’re going to get mobbed with love when our numerous pets greet us in the Summerlands!

These are just some of the do’s and the don’ts.

Consider asking others about their experiences. We can learn from each other.

Let’s make this Samhain one to remember fondly.

Blessed Be,


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