The Tarot—See the Future—and Beware of the Pitfalls

“Are you sure?” my friend, Laura, asked.

“That’s what the Tarot cards are showing me,” I replied.

“How accurate is this? Is my marketing campaign really going to tank?”

“As I shared with you before … when I do a reading, it’s like taking a glance at a river that is flowing,” I said.

Some Insights about a Tarot Reading

  1. Just because the Tarot gives you an answer, it doesn’t mean it will stay the same.

The Tarot spread of cards that you read is a snapshot in time. If you do nothing and follow the course you’re on, at the moment you view the Tarot spread, you may find that the outcome stays the same.

However, if you change your actions, things can change.

This is why it is so hard sometimes to pin down exact outcomes and the final results that may manifest.

  1. Viewing the Tarot spread has an influence on the future timeline.

Seeing the Tarot spread gives you new information. What will you do with that information? Will you apply yourself to taking action to change the outcome? Perhaps, this is your chance to change your future!

Still, the appropriate use of the Tarot depends on a lot of variables. It’s a truly complicated tool.

Although an outcome may change from the time of your Tarot spread to the future happening, you may still find the Tarot can prove to be helpful in certain circumstances.

Side note: Usually, the major arcana are things one cannot change, and the minor arcana are things you can change. And this depends on which card is next to another. Yes, I did say that the Tarot can be complicated.

Wiccans use the Tarot for many situations including to help people see their choices, to see what actions may be viable, and more.

Like any powerful tool, take care with your use of the Tarot.

Blessed Be,

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