How to Do An Extraordinary Prosperity Spell – The Secret of Whole Life Prosperity


“This is the time of increase?” my friend, Adam, asked.

“Yes. We’re getting close to Spring. This is a good time to cast a Prosperity Spell.”

Let’s look at what “prosperity” is. I don’t limit it to just a plethora of money. I am talking about your whole well-being. Prosperity is having an abundance of loving friends, family, good physical health, healthy finances and a good relationship to the God and Goddess.

Have you noticed that having some amount of all these things helps you feel more whole and happy?

I felt great when a sudden inspiration flowed to me from the Goddess to combine the four Elements in a coherent pattern that I call the Four Foundations of Whole Life Prosperity.

Here are the Four Foundations of Whole Life Prosperity in the terms of the four Elements/Directions:

Spiritual/East – Element: Air

Having a close relationship with the God and Goddess is key to a good and happy life.

Consider meditation as a helpful way to communicate with God and Goddess. In meditation, you can have your finger on the pulse with the Divine, which helps you create the balance your spirit craves. Your Spirit needs to be close to the God and Goddess. It hungers for a relationship with Them.

With this strong connection, the other Foundations of Whole Life Prosperity will come to you.

Health/South – Element: Fire

I’ve thought of the Element of Fire because the Spark of Life, as in good health, supports your prosperous life. Sleep enough, eat healthy meals and get appropriate exercise. After all, our bodies are temples to the Gods. Keep your body in good running order and cherish your body. Nurture your body by bathing regularly and do the rest to keep your body at its best.

We don’t need to fall for the media ideas of what a stereotypically attractive body looks like. You don’t need to be wafer thin. It’s reported that a number of models are actually unhealthy.

Take good care of your body—as the gift you have. Move in the direction of prosperous health.

Love/West – Element: Water

What does “prosperous in love” mean? I suggest we do what helps us have good relationships.

A friend asked, “What do you think is important to find in a romantic partner?”

My husband replied, “Find someone who is kind and flexible.”

I agree, and I’ve learned that it’s important for me to do rituals and meditation to keep myself strong enough to be kind and flexible. A dash of humor helps.

Taking good care of your relationships helps you support your overall prosperity.

Finances/Earth – Element Earth

A number of my friends complain and worry about their finances. I admit it: I get concerned, too. I’m doing fine, but I have this nagging concern about ending up a homeless person. My husband is ten years older than I am. How will things be after he passes on?

I’ve learned that meditation and rituals can bring about some peace of mind.

How about you? Would you benefit from doing rituals to enhance your peace of mind?

Doing a Prosperity Spell can bring in some income. Having the opportunity to do something nice for yourself (having a dinner, seeing a movie) can do wonders for your feelings and sense that we live in an abundant Universe.

Putting It All Together

Bringing together Spirit, health, love and appropriate finances enhances your experience of a whole and happy life.

Use this following is a spell to help you move forward.

The Whole Life Prosperity Spell

What you will need:

  • Altar and regular ritual tools
  • Image (as seen above)
  • 1 small rough pebble (North)
  • 1 unused easy light match (south)
  • 1 thimble of water (West)
  • 1 Incense cone and holder (Air)

Do this spell on a waxing moon, closest to the full moon. Focus on this spell to enhance prosperity in various facets of your life.

Cast Circle in the normal manner.

After cleansing and consecrating the items representing the four elements, place the graphic/picture (with this post) on the altar. Set the items (that represent the elements) on their representative cardinal points.

Meditate on your life being full of what you desire. Once you have a firm feeling about what you want, continue with the next steps.

(Light the match on the rock.)

Fire burns in my veins with health,

(Dip index finger into the thimble of water, touch the water to your lips, and say)

Water surrounds me with the love I desire,

(Tap the rock three times.)

Earth provides that I am financially secure, and I enjoy  financial abundance, 

(Light incense from the working candle.)

And Air sends this spell and my love to the God and Goddess.

Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony

Close your Circle.

May this Prosperity Spell enhance your life and happiness.

Blessed Be,

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