When do you NOT Listen to the Tarot?

“Can you do a reading for me?” Jill asked me.

“Sure,” I said. “What’s going on?”

Jill sighed and then asked, “Can you tell me when and how my life will end?”

“That’s not a question that I work with,” I replied. I went on to share the following four details:

  1. Be sure to avoid doing a Tarot reading when you’re feeling terrible.

Sometimes, the Tarot can mirror your feelings. If you’re in a bad mood, you may find that your mood colors what you perceive in your reading. So, your perception can, in a way, “give you a false reading.”

I have had to be careful about my state of being when I do a Tarot reading. Why? I deal with clinical depression symptoms, so I need be careful that my symptoms don’t mask what the cards are really telling me.

  1. Avoid asking about dreadful subjects.

Don’t ask: “How (or when) will I die?” And, avoid asking about the deaths of your parents and friends. Why? Such questions put you into a terrible space. As I mentioned earlier, your perceptions can be off, and you might get a “false reading.”

  1. Don’t read for others when they are in a bad/sad/angry mood.

If you read for a person who is in a negative mood, they might perceive anything you say as “bad news.” Reading for someone who is upset will not help them. They cannot be open to the messages of the Tarot, and they may twist the news in a negative way.

  1. Be prepared for a possible scary or negative reading.

Pause and think about what you asked. Did you ask a question that was phrased in a negative form? If you still get a negative reading, take a break and try again the next day.

Special Note: Let’s look at how life goes. Some things seem negative at first but turn out better. A divorce can open the door to a later, wonderful marriage. A friend drifts away and then you later realize that you feel much lighter because you had been in a negative co-dependent friendship.

So, be careful when reading the cards.

Blessed Be,

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