Beware of Paying Someone to Cast a Magical Spell for You


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“Why are you so concerned about not having somebody do magick for you?” my friend, Jennifer, asked.

Three reasons immediately arose in my thoughts:

  1. When someone does a spell for you, both of you become karmically linked.

Having someone cast a spell creates a karmic link between you and the spellcaster.

How well can you know someone? If you have a stranger do magick for you, then you really don’t know the person. However, even if you have a friend do magick for you, you still do not know aspects of the person. How is that true? Because each human being has sides of themselves that are veiled to them.

It is harmful to be karmically linked to another person because their shadow self may be intense and can cause you harm.

  1. The spell is not as effective if you’re not the one doing it.

No matter how much you pay someone to care, they won’t care as much as you do about the outcome of the spell. They can’t. We’re talking about your life.

As you saw in my last post (How You Can Do Real Magic) you need Intent, Visualization, Concentration, and Willpower. These are elements that depend on your unique sensibilities.

  1. You do not have a real way of measuring how adept the person is with magick.

I trust that you’ve met people who talk a good game but do not come through.

We have already established that the best spellcaster for you is you.

It may be tempting to go with someone who charges for spellcasting because they have good testimonials. Still, we know that some people get testimonials from friends who are biased.

Do yourself a favor and become an effective witch yourself. Learn to become adept at spellwork for your own well-being.

Blessed Be,

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