Set Your Boundary as a Wiccan

“Are you in the broom closet?” Milly, a new acquaintance, asked. Broom closet refers to how a number of Wiccans decide that they must hide their faith. Why? To keep their job or to avoid being disowned by friends or family. I can relate to this. Earlier in my life, I was a solitary witch.

My first response is that I am not in the broom closet. I have websites, and I answer questions about Wicca on (over 94,000 views of my answers at this moment).

But then I thought about this some more.

My husband asks that I keep my pentacle (on my necklace) to be not visible at certain business events he must attend. Am I in the broom closet at these events?

Then I realized an important difference between pushing something into someone’s face and answering with the truth.

I told my husband: “If someone asks me directly, something like, Don’t you have a blog on Wicca?—I will answer with the truth.”

“I support you,” he replied.

My husband knows that I will answer with the truth.

What kind of decisions do you need to make about your own practice of Wicca?

Do you need to make more efforts to gather with like-minded Wiccans?

Blessed Be,

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