How Wiccans Handle Being Betrayed By Loved Ones

“You’re no good!” my husband’s father yelled at him. This man, I’ll call him “George, “continued with insulting my husband and me. I was not in that room. I was waiting in the car. I will not be in the same building as George. George is an unrepentant child abuser, who lost his promotions in the military due to his brawling.

My husband stood his ground. He said firmly, “Stop acting like a bully. You cannot get away with it. I am not nine-years-old. You do not get to spit in my face. You do not get to throw me into walls, anymore.”

My husband was visiting his mother, a kind soul.

Do you have a friend or relative who is not only letting you down, but is also actively trying to tear you apart?

Wiccans know that human beings can be complex. Wiccans realize that sometimes you have to protect yourself from energy-drainers, or worse, attackers.

Better than this, Wiccans realize that your relationship with God and Goddess is what truly sustains you. The God and Goddess not only hold us up, They lift us higher than we could ever imagine on our own.

The God and Goddess hold our hands on this journey through life and pull us up after we fall and get injured. They hold us as most dear to Them. And when someone tears us down, the God and Goddess are there to lift us back up to our full height.

For example, the God and Goddess can provide us something synchronistic. My husband and I went to a pizza restaurant after the incident with George. And my husband listened to the music in that restaurant. The music felt uplifting to my husband. It was a gift.

The God and Goddess can provide us with inspiration. My husband got a new idea. Next time, he visits his mother and his father tries to derail the situation, my husband expects to stay seated and almost whisper: “Leave us in peace.” This just might be a divinely-sent idea.

I’ve talked with a number of people who have been hurt by others who are supposed to love them. I realized how pervasive this problem is. For those days when you feel betrayed and disempowered, turn to the God and Goddess. Here is a simple chant that will help you feel supported:

“Lord and Lady Support Me” Chant

Lord and Lady let me know,
How this will make me grow.
Keep me safe and keep me sane,
Give me no reason to complain.
Lord and Lady of the Moon,
Give me this a mighty boon.
So Mote It Be.


May this help you when you need real support.

Blessed Be,

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