When Can You Trust Someone and Reveal You’re Wiccan?

When is it safe enough for you to tell someone you’re Wiccan?

Many of us face this question in some way every month. And … How do you tell a friend or family member about your faith?

We know that a lot is at stake. Telling someone that you’re Wiccan can cause you to lose a friend. Some family members even disown a person who confides that they are Wiccan.

You can use these 3 Elements for Assessing if It’s Safe to Tell Someone You’re Wiccan.

  • Is the person open-minded?

Can you figure out if the person is open-minded? It can be hard to tell. However, you can carefully observe how the person responds or reacts to details in daily life. Are they quick to judge someone? Do they say things like: “You know those people always _____”?

Or do they appear open-minded to different or unusual ideas?

Consider these questions:

  1. Is there diversity among the person’s friends?
  2. Are they rigid about their music taste? (If someone rigidly only listens to Christian music and deems all other music as hell-spawn, watch out!)
  3. Do they pick one little detail and get loud and obnoxious without hearing someone tell their full point of view?

Pay close attention. Avoid letting one detail push you to jump to a conclusion. Look on gathering an appropriate number of present-day observations. (Some people can mellow with time, and they might become more open in later years.… And some people become more rigid. Be careful.)

  • What is their spiritual path?

Is their religious path extreme? (Do they act like some sort of rabid nutjob?)

Or is the person comfortable with the idea that spirituality can vary by the individual? And are they cool with that?

Pay close attention. Does the person hold to the idea of a “punishing God” or that their book is “the only book, and it is perfect”?

Be careful to notice if the person has a rigid and narrow viewpoint. Some individuals have been hit with false and extreme ideas about Wicca from certain religious leaders (and Hollywood depictions of witches).

If the person has been overwhelmed with ideas to be fearful of Wicca, you might decide to keep your faith private.

  • Is this good or bad timing?

Sometimes, bad timing can truly harm the possibility of safely sharing your Wiccan path.
Let’s say you have a parent who is in the middle of a divorce proceeding. Sharing your Wiccan path might work better one or two years after the divorce goes through. How can that be? Researchers note that there is a limit to the amount of stress a human being can take. If the parent already feels betrayed by the spouse, this parent may also think of your leaving their religious denomination as a second betrayal. They might say horrible things (while stressed out due to their divorce) that they wouldn’t say one or two years later.

At other times … If you’re having a conversation, and the person demonstrates an openness to a diversity of ideas, it may be good timing to share your Wiccan faith.

Be careful to avoid sharing your Wiccan journey, if the other person is under some extreme stress already. You might think about this as a little similar to the couple that does not talk about extreme topics after 9 pm at night. They’re tired, and only trouble can arise. And, they’ll lose sleep.

The question comes up: How can I help the person get to an open and relaxed frame of mind?

Perhaps, you might talk about your Wiccan faith after a good meal and during a walk in nature.

* * *

In summary, making the choice to share or avoid sharing your Wiccan faith with someone can be tough. We’ve looked at the elements of being open-minded, the other person’s spiritual path, and timing.

I hope this helps in your process of making a decision to share or not share your Wiccan path.

Blessed Be,

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