How Wiccans Free Themselves from Limits

“I’m stuck. I keep ruminating on how that person betrayed me,” my friend, Leena, said. “If I could just get past this—get beyond this.”

I listened with concern for my friend.

Becoming a High Priestess, I worked for years to learn oath-bound rituals to transcend my earthly concerns. It took a lot of work, but with private rituals, I have discovered how to deeply connect with the Goddess.

Wicca is a path of transcendence, which refers to “existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level.”

Beyond the normal … are we referring to positive or negative experiences?

Perhaps, like me, you’ve experienced some downright horrible events in your life. The good news is that, through Wicca, we can move beyond darkness to that which includes love and light. We have the power to use magick, and we can invite the God and Goddess to help us rise above the darkness of our negative past experiences.

Maybe, you’ve heard the term transformation a number of times. To transform however is to change in character or condition.

I have looked upon transformation as something that requires a lot of effort.

Remember, transcendence is something different. As we noted, it is beyond the normal or physical level. Think of it like this: Transcendence can happen in an instant. For example, some time ago, in the middle of one of my meditation sessions, the God and Goddess appeared to me. This was not something I “forced” or “transformed.” Instead, it was an experience that just manifested. I flowed into beyond the normal or physical.

So, what does this all boil down to?

Transcendence is something you invite, and you do not force.

Here is a prayer that you can use to create transcendence in your life by changing bad experiences into good emotions.

Transcendence Prayer

By love and light,
By Old Ones’ might!
I ask for Transcendence of my (name of difficulty) in Your Name.
May You take it and make it tame.
That You turn it into love and light,
So I will be all right!
Let there be a shift in me, from darkness into light.
Let transcendence lift me and take flight.
By all the powers of the Sun, Moon and in Old Ones’ Name,
Keep me safe and keep me sane.
Keep me above the dark waters that I tread within my mind.
Let me leave my heartache and sorrow behind.
Create growth for me and my life with no end.
Through every hill and bend.
Pain and fear from (name of difficulty) abate,
So I have only a good fate.
This (name of difficulty) does not define me!
It does not hinder or take me!
The love of the Lord and Lady ever fills me,
As I so will, So Mote It Be!

May this prayer carry you forward and help you transcend that which held you back.

Blessed Be,

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