When the Tarot Gives You a Bad Reading — What You Can Do

“So, I put the Tarot spread down, and then I caught my breath,” one of my Wiccan elders told me.

“Then what happened?” I asked.

“I knew that it was going to be tough to express what the cards were saying to my friend,” my Wiccan elder said.

I understood the situation. She was going to have to tell her friend something that she did not want to hear.

A significant number of people are concerned about having to face a “bad reading.” It’s tough enough to talk about it. It can be even harder to face a tough Tarot reading that applies to you.

Here are three steps to help you work through the dark waters of bad news.

  1. Postpone Being Upset by Doing a Meditation

Go into meditation and ask for Goddess’s Viewpoint on the matter. You may be surprised! Some events that look bad at first glance are actually good news.

I have a friend who taught college students. She worked at many different colleges to make ends meet. One day she was doing a reading and saw that she would stop teaching college students. She was devastated.

Then, she did a meditation and asked the Goddess what to do …

  1. Do Another Spread the Next Day

She asked the question “If I do _____, what is the outcome?” When she read the answer, she was puzzled. It gave her the same answer as the day before.

So, she repeated the step of meditation to ask for guidance and to see the situation clearly.

She also talked with her Wiccan Elders and other trustworthy people.

  1. Take Positive Action and Add Meditation

The next day she did what she hoped was a positive action related to her situation. She signed up for a Toastmasters group (a group where people practice public speaking)—based on a vague notion that she might become a life coach and giving speeches would help her find clients.

She now says that she gets to work with clients who really want her help—which is quite different from teaching required college classes. She is now free of half-hearted efforts from a significant number of college students. (She hated giving out bad grades.)

So, the “Bad News” that she thought she had received turned out to be a blessing to help her make a transition into what she was meant to do.

Doing meditation sessions and asking for Goddess’s viewpoint can really open up possibilities in your life. Not all endings are bad—although they might include pain at first.

May these three steps help you as you discover your next chapter of life.

Blessed Be,

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