Wiccans Asking the ALL For Change



“I can’t take this, anymore!” Rachael said.

“I hear you—” I responded.

“It’s all wrong now. I’m boxed in. I just want to feel that I have some freedom. Freedom to choose.”

“Have you asked the ALL for help?” I suggested.

Simply put, Rachael was stuck. She felt she had no where to go in her current situation. So here is a simple spell to gain the help of the ALL.

Read over the spell carefully several times before you do it.

What you’ll need:

  • One small white candle (it needs to be small, so you can burn it out in one sitting)
  • Candle holder
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Robe
  • Perfume (frankincense preferably)
  • Cakes and wine/juice (This can be as simple as some cookies and juice)
  • Offering dish (you will need one)
  • Sea salt
  • Small table (something to put your candle and cakes and wine/juice on)
  • Small jar
  • Small bowl of purified water
  • Small bowl of sea salt
  • Purified or spring water
  • Lighter or matches

What to do:

Start by thoroughly crushing the garlic and put it into a small jar of your olive oil. Set aside the mixture in a dark place (like a closet) for nine days.

When your oil is done do the following.

Take a ritual bath:

On a full or waxing moon. First bathe to wash all of the physical dirt from your body. Then draw a new bath and put three tablespoons of sea salt into the water. Soak in the water and think of all the negative energy being absorbed by the salt water. Breathe in and out deeply. Relax… Take your time.

Use a clean towel to dry off. Put on a clean robe.

Next, go to your room and clear a space and place your small simple table (this will be your altar) in the center. Place the candle in the middle of the altar. Additionally, set up your small water bowl, sea salt bowl, and food and drink on either the side of the candle.

Disrobe and sit in front of the altar.

Submerge your index fingertip in the bowl of water and say:

I cleanse and consecrate thee, Water, that you are pure and clean.

Then place your index fingertip into the bowl of salt and say:

I cleanse and consecrate thee, Salt, that you are pure and clean.

Put three pinches of the blessed sea salt into the bowl of water and stir clockwise (using your index finger).

Sprinkle (asperge) the bottle of perfume with the holy water (the salt water you just made) onto the candle and say:

I cleanse and consecrate thee, Perfume, that you are pure and clean.

Asperge the candle with the holy water and say:

I cleanse and consecrate thee, Candle, that you are pure and clean.

Spray some of the holy perfume onto you and breathe it in deeply. Breathe in and out three times as you clear your mind. Take your time…

Time to dress your candle: This means that you take the garlic oil and rub it onto the candle from wick to the base of the candle. Carve the word “freedom” on the candle and place in the candle holder.

Light the candle and say:

I ask you,

Who is the lightness and darkness,

Who is the powers of the winds,

Who is the powers of the seas,

Who is the powers of the mountains,

Who is the powers of the flame within.

Who is powers all life and love.

And who is the source of all things,

The Great and powerful ALL,

I ask you for change and freedom for the good of all!

As I so will, So mote it be!


As the candle burns, think of all the freedom you now have as this Spell manifests what you desire.

Again, take your time…

Finally, set your cakes and wine/juice in front of you. Hold your dominant hand over them and say:

I bless this food and drink that it will keep me strong.

Place each of some of the food and drink into the offering dishes saying:

To the ALL!

You can now partake of the food and drink.

Let the candle burn itself completely out. (Warning: Never leave a burning candle unattended.)

Clean up and enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

May this Spell bring you many blessings.

Blessed Be,


Blessed Be,

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