A Wiccan Perspective: Staying Strong in the Face of a Car Accident

Scrraaapp! A brunch of scratch marks manifested on the side of my car.

Oooh! I got so mad I could spit.

Maybe you can relate to this. An accident. The problem was there were only two elements involved: one human (me) and one pole (it was a SHORT pole—one that was hard to see).

This pole collision happened a couple of hours earlier today.

How did I fall into this mess?

It was a confluence of a number of things. I had two friends visiting from out of town. Feeling sleep deprived, I still made it to have lunch with them. Add the hot weather and the sun beating down on my fair skin, and I probably approached heatstroke.

Tired, thirsty and hot, I finally arrived at my car when the visit came to a close. Pulling out of the parking space and feeling really uncomfortable, I was confused as to how to exit the parking structure.

In my defense … I dutifully followed the arrows on the ground near the exit. But the turn was way to tight and I scraped that damn short pole.

I was so angry at myself. On my way home all I could think of was “You f**king idiot!” I ruminated on how I should have been more careful.

Do you beat yourself up about your own mistakes?

At least back at home, I drank a lot of water. Time to get to the autobody shop. I ruminated again. This time I thought: “It’s Friday. They may have already closed for the weekend.” I called the shop; they would give me an estimate.

I got to the shop. They fit me in. The tech guy said, “I’ll be right back.” When he returned, he had two squeeze bottles and a rag. He wiped some liquid on the effected area and slowly the scuff started to come off. I was so thrilled to see that!

Soon all the yellow paint was off, and I gave him my vial of blue touch-up paint. A moment later, the car looked fine. And the best part? It cost me nothing.

I said, “Thank you. I’m so grateful. That’s why we keep having our cars worked on here.”

The tech guy smiled.

After this, I had some thoughts. What was I supposed to learn here?

What I learned is: I didn’t have a buffer. If I had more sleep and had done meditation this week, I could have had more patience for the situation and myself.

When I talk with Wiccans, sometimes, we say, “I know what I should do. I just don’t get around to doing meditation or ritual.”

So, I just stopped writing this post, and I did a candle ritual—thanking the God and Goddess for the good outcome to the pole collision incident.

What can you do to deepen your Wiccan practice?

Remember, a bad surprise can happen at any time.

We, Wiccans, need to create a buffer in our lives. We need to back off and not burden ourselves too much. We need to preserve our personal energy.

Blessed Be,

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