Goddess Says, “It’s Okay to Be Human”

Are you hurting?

Here is some good news—some comforting news: Goddess is with you through your entire journey.

“I have been with thee from the beginning; and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.” – Doreen Valiente (speaking in the voice of the Goddess—from The Charge of the Goddess)

The last part of the above quote has a couple of meanings to me. “I am that which is attained at the end of desire” implies that the Goddess’s love is what you receive at the end of your life. I believe we go to the Summerlands at the end of this life. You get to rest and enjoy time with your family and friends. The Gods will be there to give you love and support.

Another meaning is that the “end of desire” is actually a revelation that it is Goddess’s love that we really want. By this I mean, that what we want, including inner peace, joy, fun and comfort, are all manifestations of Goddess’s love. One of my friends recently bought a high-end, new car. What did he want? Some form of fulfillment. A car or a hug is just an expression of the blessings from Goddess. We notice that the car or a hug opens the door to good feelings.

Here is a prayer for times when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

A Prayer

Lord and Lady
Give me strength
To be compassionate to myself.
From that well may I draw
The love of the Gods to
Persevere on my path
And be kind to others.

 So Mote It Be.

May this prayer empower you to joy and fulfillment,

Blessed Be,

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