Witches Break Down Barriers to Get What They Want

“My recent two spells failed,” my friend, Rachel, said.

“It may be happening because of internal barriers you might have,” I replied.

“Barriers like what?” she asked.

This began an important conversation about how you can release yourself from inner barriers to manifesting what you really want.

One barrier relates to the idea “I don’t deserve good things.” Many of us have heard extreme messages from our parents or guardians about how we’re not good enough. Our subconscious mind takes that in. Then it becomes an extra burden: Your spell is competing with resistance found in your subconscious mind.

How Do We Release Barriers in Our Subconscious Mind?

I have developed “The Self-Love Meditation” to help you move beyond self-esteem related blocks.

You can hear the meditation at

Itunes to Episode 1 “The Self-Love Meditation”



In this year, 2019, I’m scheduled to guide fellow Wiccans during a presentation in New Zealand (in a few months).

Here I want to emphasize one important point:

  • Meditation can help us with inner blocks that hide deep inside us, keeping us from our goals.

The good news is that we can use meditation to explore our inner being. Then, we can shine a light into the depths of our souls. Often, it truly helps to have an elder/mentor guide you. Having proper guidance during your journey will help you deal with those blocks more effectively.

Consider developing a consistent meditation practice. Why? Proper meditation helps witches find their truth. It’s like the can opener to the mind. When we have access to our subconscious mind, we can make great things happen for ourselves.

The subconscious mind is where a lot of our programming took place. For example, as a child, Susan was severely chastised when she spilled milk. As an adult, to this day, she cannot stand milk. The subconscious programming can really shackle us.

That’s the reason it is vital to use meditation to connect with deep and positive aspects of your spiritual essence. That’s when you become free.

In summary, meditation is a powerful tool that we can use to access our subconscious mind and reshape it to assist us in successfully performing our spells.

Blessed Be,

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