How to Make a “Sigil Bundle” – a Magickal Powerhouse

Your completed Sigil Bundle

“I want to start working with Sigils,” Mary told me.

“Let’s start today,” I said.

“Wait! I don’t know where to put them. Where do I store them when I am done making them?” Mary asked.

Folding your Sigils makes them easy to carry –in your purse or wallet.

When you fold your Sigil into the form of a Sigil Bundle, you make it simple to reopen your Sigil when you want to.

[As a side note: You can learn more about standard Sigils here.]

Sigil Bundles are a great way to store and hide an active Sigil.

Start with a standard sheet of paper — 8.5 inches (21.59 cm) by 11 inches (27.94 cm). Cut the page in half. (See the resulting half-sheet below).

Write what you desire on the paper …

Fold the paper in half, while you keep the writing on the inside.

See your Sigil Bundle so far …

Fold the corners.

Fold the other corners.

Continue …

Now, fold the sides in like this.

On both sides …

Fold in the top and bottom corners.

See your Sigil Bundle so far …

Flip over your Sigil Bundle …

Fold your Sigil Bundle in thirds …

Continue …

Here is your Sigil Bundle so far …

Tuck in the corners …

Continue …

Here’s your Sigil Bundle thus far …

Turn up the little flap.

See your completed Sigil Bundle …

May this Sigil Bundle keep your desire close, and may this process help you manifest the life you really want.

Blessed Be,

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