Wiccans, Invite Goddess to Help with Your Depression

“It feels like I’ll never shake off this horrible, low feeling,” my friend, Melissa, said.

We were in the middle of a conversation about depression symptoms. I have worked for years to cope with my own clinical depression symptoms. I’ve learned you can live a good life even with such symptoms.

Research Shows that Helping Someone Can Lift Much of Depression Symptoms.


I’ve experienced certain benefits, which quiet down my depression symptoms.

Benefits of Helping

You realize …

  • You have value

For example, when I help someone, I feel as though I have a purpose. I feel like I can make a difference in someone else’s life—that I can be a valued part of the community.

  • You have relieved suffering for someone else

Sometimes, when you just listen, you’re relieving someone’s suffering. You’re providing space so the other person can unburden themselves.

  • Your attention shifts away from your suffering, and it is now on the task at hand—to help this person

Pause for a moment. Why do many of us like movies and TV shows? Because we can unplug from our own problems and disappear into the fictional world of the film or TV show.

When you help someone, you’re plugging into another person’s world.

A Bonus: Research shows that helping other people relieves the helper of vague guilt-feelings.

 How Do We, Wiccans, Invite the Gracious Goddess to Guide Us related to Helping?

For many of us, the questions are: Who do I help? What would be something good for me to do?

The Gracious Goddess can help with you finding answers.

You can call on Her just before you go into a meditation session.

Here’s a Prayer to Give You Strength to Help Someone

Gracious Goddess, give me strength to lend aid,
To those who feel downtrodden and afraid.
Gracious Goddess, open my heart up wide,
Let me see the truth inside.
Blessings I give, and those bestowed,
Now dry all the tears that have flowed.
Let my deeds help those in need,
Gracious Goddess, help plant that seed.
As I So Will
So Mote It Be.

May these ideas and practices give you real support.

Blessed Be,

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