How You Can Enjoy PantheaCon 2019 or Any Other Wiccan Gathering

“How do I have a good PantheaCon experience?” Judy, a newbie, asked me.

Since this year’s PantheaCon will be at least the 11th year I have attended, I had a bunch of ideas rise in my mind.

“Start with the basics,” I began. “Enough sleep, good food, enough water, and pace yourself … oh, and don’t try to see everything.”

In this post, I’ll share ideas about having a good PantheaCon experience. Many of these ideas I’ve shared in previous posts.

For PantheaCon 2019, I’m thinking about Setting an Intention when I wake up—before attending PantheaCon for the day.

Here is a Prayer:

Lord and Lady,
I’m grateful for PantheaCon and today,
In so many ways.
May I meet old friends and make new friends,
Creating goodwill that never ends.
May I have and keep a good personal shield,
Protected from negative energies so that they yield.
May I enjoy many moments of joy and inspiration,
Learning much from every situation.
Thank you, Lord and Lady.
So Mote It Be.

More Thoughts on PantheaCon

Later, I reflected on the whole PantheaCon experience, and I had more thoughts …

  1. Enjoy What Is There – “Let it be what it is”

“What did you learn last year at PantheaCon?” a friend, Jimmy, asked.

“Enjoy what is there, and let it be what it is,” I replied. By this I mean, pay attention to your expectations and how attached you might be to them. If you hold too tightly to certain expectations, you might feel devastated if they’re not met. Some people say, “Oh, that ruined my conference experience.”

On the other hand, just let the PantheaCon experience be what it is. Yes, you’ll find people of like mind and faith at the conference. It can be a great place to connect with people.

But if you’re a newbie, you may be held at arm’s length by some people because they don’t know you. Don’t take it personally. After your first year, people will know you. Then closer relationships will be possible.

Enjoy what’s in front of you.

My husband tells a story about how he knew a family that always complained about the restaurant food in front of them. It was always: “The fish is more tender at the XY Restaurant” or “I preferred the noodles at the AB Restaurant.” Nobody was simply enjoying what was in front of them. That is, the exception was my husband, who would say, “This works for me.”

“Wiccans listen to the Earth. They don’t shut out the lessons that She is so desperately trying to teach us…. Don’t shut out the physical world in favor of the spiritual or magical realms, for only through nature can we experience these realities.” – Scott Cunningham

Just as Wiccans listen to the Earth, listen to your own body. Do you need to take a break? Get a nap? Walk outside and get away from people for a time?

Pay attention to your body and the energies around you. You will learn a lot.

  1. Align yourself to your “rhythms” during the event

Know when you have had enough. Don’t stay until you can’t think straight. Especially, be careful if you must drive home or to another hotel.

Some people around you may have similar beliefs and they may be people who are upside-down—feeling upset about something. Make sure that you take care of yourself. Avoid being vulnerable to picking up other people’s negative energy. In my recent e-newsletter, I wrote:

“If you’re attending PantheaCon, you might want to use this following Shielding Chant to help you stay empowered in such a highly stimulating situation. This Shielding Chant can be used at times when regular shielding isn’t enough.

The InstaCircle Chant for Shielding

As you say this chant, you will take your power hand, (usually your dominant hand) and trace a Circle three times above and around your head. When you do the movements, you will envision the energy streaming from your index finger.

Soon, you will point to the heavens and pull the energy from there to the ground.

Here is the InstaCircle process with the movements:

Using your power hand, trace the Circle three times.

I cast my Circle thrice,
round, round and round.

Point your index finger up to the heavens and then pull energy down to the ground.

Let no bane get in,
From heavens to ground.

May this InstaCircle Chant process bless your life.”

Honor your own rhythms. Recently, I was reading some material by Doreen Valiente, when I came across this quote:

 “This deliberate pacing of the circle is called ‘circumambulating.’ It is different from the wild joyousness of the round dance.” – Doreen Valiente

Sometimes, you want to do a “deliberate pace” and get some rest and other times, you’ll probably want to experience some higher energy activities at PantheaCon.

(Note: Having a lot of people in a small space like a hotel can spread germs a lot. Consider washing your hands often or using hand sanitizer. It is good to not only put up our spiritual wards, but keep up our physical wards. You’ll want to avoid catching ill—something known as “Con Crud.”)

In summary, let your PantheaCon experience be what it is, and align yourself to your rhythms during the event.

Hope to meet you at PantheaCon 2019.

Blessed Be,

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