Witches, Transform Your Inner Critic into Your Inner Helper

Does your Inner Critic ride shotgun? Do you wish your Inner Critic would just shut up and take the backseat for a change?

What if that’s not the whole story and not the good story?

Have you thought about what purpose your Inner Critic might serve?
Your Inner Critic is trying to keep you safe.

Let’s say someone has the thought to take a leap over a crevasse. The Inner Critic yells, “Noooooooo!”

Your Inner Critic is there to save you when you want to try stupid stuff.

However, the Inner Critic can assume too much power. You may want to take an appropriate risk—like giving a speech or asking for a promotion.

We, witches, even have new levels in our magickal life to explore.

So, how do we transform the Inner Critic into our Inner Helper?

Three Steps to Transform Your Inner Critic

  • Thank the Inner Critic for trying to protect you.

When you thank your Inner Critic, you get it to quiet down. That’s good because you avoid the Inner Critic renewing its resistance and interference.

  • Take the Inner Critic’s fear and turn it around into a positive action.

Perhaps, your Inner Critic says something limiting like: “You’re no good at learning new things. Do NOT even try to do a new spell.”

You could turn this around into a phrase like: “I’m learning new things. It is okay for me to try a new spell.”

Additionally, you can seek mentors to support you in your new learning.

  • Invite Goddess to Help You

Now, ask the Goddess to help you with your chosen new action. You can say, “Goddess help me do [positive action.]”

For example, you might say, “Goddess help me to learn this new spell.”

May you experience times when your Inner Critic transforms into your Inner Helper.

Blessed Be,

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