How Witches Develop Protection for Traveling via Public Transit


“I’m dreading taking the BART (the subway in the San Francisco Bay Area),” my friend, Olivia, said.

“Something in particular?” I asked.

“The last two times, some guy was stumbling around talking to people. These guys were strange—even scary. I was thinking—please don’t talk to me. Please don’t talk to me,” she said, her face wincing at the memory.

I can relate in that I’ve been using public transit recently. It feels like a gamble to take public transit. You could be late, verbally abused or worse.

So how can witchcraft help?

I ground and center before traveling. Additionally, I put up my energy-shield at the beginning of my journey with the InstaCircle.

How to Do an InstaCircle

Using your power hand (this would be your dominant hand), trace the Circle three times around and above your head.

I cast my Circle thrice,
round, round and round.

 Point your index finger up to the heavens and then pull energy down to the ground.

Let no bane get in,
From heavens to ground.

 That completes your InstaCircle and your energy-shield.


Next, I say this prayer:

The Safe Travels Prayer

Dark Mistress of the Waning Moon, and
O Hairy Horned Lord of death and rebirth.
Give me Your protection during this journey,
Keep all troubles that come my way at bay.
As I do Will, So, Mote It Be

May this process bless your journey.

Blessed Be,

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