How Witches Deal with Having No Choices

“I have no choice about this,” my friend, Steve, said.

I immediately thought, Is that true? Does he have no choices?

Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation when you wanted to offer some ideas to a friend, but you could feel it … the friend just wanted to vent. They were not open to hearing new or different ideas.

The good news is that we can turn to the Gods when we, personally, feel confused or feel that we have no choices.

Here are three helpful insights:

  1. Invite the Gods to reveal your hidden choices.

Say a prayer and ask the Gods, “Please reveal to me some positive choices I have that seem hidden to me now.”

You can also use a divination tool like a pendulum or Tarot Cards. Ask the Gods to guide you while using the tool.

How to Use a Pendulum

You’ll use a chain with a stone attached at the end. Hold the end of the chain and have the stone (crystal, precious metals, etc.) dangle over a sheet of paper with your two choices inscribed.

Loop the chain over your middle finger. Hold still. Declare that if the appropriate choice is “A,” then the stone will rock vertically (flowing toward your abdomen and away). Also, declare if the correct choice is “B,” then the stone will rock horizontally. Ask the Gods to show you the correct answer. Hold still and see what answer you get.

  1. Invite the Gods to strengthen you when it is a tough but valuable choice.

The Gods care about you. They know of the path you need to tread. It may not be the path that is easy, and it may not be the path that you preferred.

However, it’s the path that calls you—if you can hear it. Ask the Gods to strengthen you and to remove distractions so you can hear the call of the path aligned with your destiny.

It’s important to walk your Destiny Path for your own personal growth. We have lessons here during this incarnation.

  1. Invite the Gods to walk with you.

Invite the Gods to support you and walk with you on your True Path. You can do this through prayer, ritual, or simply by talking (in your mind) to the Gods. Consider taking a walk in nature and enjoying such an internal conversation with the Gods. Ask what you need to learn on this journey. Ask Them to clarify your answer. Additionally, you can ask the Gods to move any obstacle out of your way.

May this process bless your life.

Blessed Be,

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