Don’t Psyche Yourself Out Related to Magick

Looking shaken, my friend, Tracey, walked up to me.

“My prosperity spell went upside down. I even lost money,” she said.

I put my hand on her shoulder. “I hear you,” I began. This was the start of a valuable conversation about magick and avoiding the mistake of psyching yourself out.

Here are three insights:

  1. Beware of getting stuck in “I wonder if this will work?”

You probably have had an experience when you were focused and in the moment. It can happen while playing cards or in a basketball game. People say, “I just kept winning over and over.”

That’s a great state of being to be in. That’s the opposite of being psyched out.

We can psyche ourselves out related to magick when we let the idea “I wonder if this will work?” to take over. Doubt kills magick. If you doubt yourself and your capabilities, this will affect the power of your ritual. When you doubt, you put up a wall between you and what you desire. You’re sabotaging your own efforts.

The solutions for this situation include—first, devote meditation sessions in which you imagine and experience your goal as having already come true. Second, work with an elder. Perhaps, start small, and you’ll develop some evidence that you are getting better with magick. An elder can lead you through exercises.

  1. Don’t tell others about your magick

Watch out that people can fill you with doubt because doing effective magick is completely outside their understanding. They may fear the process you’re in. Some people even mock what they don’t understand. Additionally, doubters can block your magick with their negative energy.

  1. Beware of the psyche out element of making you feel small and powerless

When I looked up details about psyche out, I came across a story about a boxer who uses belittling taunts to psyche out his opponent. It bothers me to say: part of me, the Inner Critic, psyched me out several times.

At least now, I’m paying attention. When I have psyche out thoughts or doubt-filled thoughts, I pause and look for a positive thought to hold front and center. For example, when I had a big disaster with a hard drive (I must have brushed a trouble-making key), I shifted away from “I’m an idiot!” to “It was an accident. I’ll check for recovery software.”

Similarly, you can choose your own positive thought to hold front and center.

May these insights help you along your journey.

Blessed Be,

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