How Witches Connect with the Feeling of Wonder and Awe

“Oh, I don’t want to turn into my mother,” my friend, Anna, said.

“Anything in particular?” I asked.

“She’s so bitter. I even think she’s bored,” Anna replied.

During our conversation, I found myself thinking about a central choice we can make: fall into bitterness or stay open to new possibilities in life.

Here are three helpful insights:

  1. Looking at nature brings you in connection with the Gods

When I feel down and even feel a little bitter about life, I look to nature to reconnect with the Gods. When I look at a tree, I don’t just see a tree. I see a fellow being, traveling on this plane of existence.

It’s like a big neon sign saying that the Gods are here. They embrace me in feeling awe.

Think about it. Look at a leaf on a tree. It has a vascular system where nutrients flow into the tree. Each cell is working in harmony with the others, just like cells function in our own bodies. It is the blueprint of life; it is the blueprint of the Gods.

The tree is of the Gods. You and I are of the Gods.

  1. Listening to Music opens moments of connection

Take a moment to recall your favorite song or tune. Perhaps, this music fills you with energy or it’s just so beautiful that it takes you to a fragile moment.

We notice that music can invoke feelings of wonder, joy, sorrow, awe and more. When I listen to my favorite artists, they create a whole palette of feelings to paint my soul with. Such tones inspire an orgasmic plethora of emotions. With music, you can flow with the ecstasy of the God and Goddess.

  1. Opening the Door to Your Intuitive Flow

As an artist, I find that flow, is the Gods expressing joy through me. That sacred connection is the God and Goddess expressing Their life force through me.

Even if you do not call yourself an artist, you are creating every day. You create a flow of activities. You find some way to fit in people you care about while you fulfill the obligations you have. You create and participate in life.

You even create the situations that bring you some good feelings—perhaps, pulling together a good mix of friends for an enjoyable meal. Notice that when you make space for your intuitive flow, the Gods guide you with gentle nudges.

May these ideas open new pathways for you.

Blessed Be,

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