How Witches Deal with Desperate Energy when They Cast a Prosperity Spell

“I’m afraid that if I approach doing a Prosperity Spell with the desperate energy I’m feeling, that I may sabotage the spell,” my friend, Nancy, said.

“It’s an important consideration,” I replied. “Make sure to properly deal with any Desperate Energy you have.”

I also brought to Nancy this understanding. Notice the difference between Desperate Energy (loaded with fear) and Activation Energy (loaded with positive intention.)

It is vital to ground the Desperate Energy and get it out of your way, so then you can appropriately cast a Prosperity Spell

Four Elements Related Doing a Prosperity Spell

1) Ground the Desperate Energy and Empty Your Vessel
Push the Desperate Energy down into the earth. Before you do your Prosperity Spell, visualize roots coming out of your feet and diving deep into Mother Earth.

Guide your Desperate Energy down to your feet, out into the roots and into Mother Earth. She receives the energy and safely transforms it. Then, Mother Earth can use the energy in benevolent ways.

With your Desperate Energy released, you now are an empty vessel with room for the good stuff.

2) Refill Your Empty Vessel with Good Clean Energy
Pull energy down from the Moon and Heavens through your Crown Chakra. You now fill in the space that was vacated when you grounded the Desperate Energy. Visualize that you move energy from your Crown Chakra and continue all the way down to your Root Chakra. See the energy fill all your extremities to the tips of your fingers and toes.

3) Cast Your Spell
Now that your energy has been cleansed and evened out, you are ready to cast your spell. You can now raise the clean energy that you know is pure with your positive intentions.

4) Include the Phase, “For This or Better”
Be sure to add the words, For this or better at the end of your spell. I like this clause because you invite the God and Goddess to use Their perceptions and to bless you in ways you may not perceive at this time.

Recently, I did a Prosperity Spell and in less than 20 hours, opportunities came into my family from directions that surprised me. This is an example of “this or better.

Remember to add the above elements to your ritual for enhancing your prosperity.

May this process bless your life.

Blessed Be,

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