Get Depression Relief this Thanksgiving-Yuletide…Black Friday Sale

Are you, like me, feeling that Thanksgiving and Yule Time is a trigger for feeling bad? It took me years and the guidance of spiritual elders, doctors, psychiatrists, and my own practice of Wicca, to learn how to cope and even feel okay during the holiday season.

Right now, everywhere I look, I’m seeing people say, Black Friday sale.

I had a few conflicting thoughts about this. But then I remembered the guidance I received from Goddess during one of my meditation sessions. The Goddess said, “Your fight may be someone’s light.”

So, what did I do about this? I followed the Goddess’s inspiration. I gathered a team around me and put together (it took tens of hours) my online course Spiritual Solution for Depression Relief.

I’m offering something to relieve the suffering of fellow pagans who are pressed down by depression symptoms. It is worth it to share the news—and during the Black Friday sale time.

Just recently, I noticed that more students joined my class. I felt some joy. (As someone with clinical depression, I know that is really something unusual). I remembered the Goddess telling me, “Your fight may be someone’s light.”

In the online course, I mention that it took me 16 years before I stopped calling myself “a depressed person.” I now think of myself as someone who is Not Broken. The Goddess put Her Divinity in me (and She put Her Divinity in you, too). I think of myself as a human being who deals with depression symptoms. The Goddess set me on this path for a purpose.

Here’s how you can get my online course Spiritual Solution for Depression Relief – for only $13.99 during the Black Friday Sale.

Black Friday Sale – Available Now

Use Coupon Code:

or link below:

Blessed Be,

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Spiritual Solution for Depression Relief

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