How Veteran Witches Can Avoid Traps that Stunt Your Spiritual Growth

“What are real traps that veteran witches can fall into?” my friend, Amanda, asked.

I thought about this over a couple days, and certain ideas rose into my thoughts.

  1. Avoid becoming stale in your practice

It’s understandable that many of us fall into a comfortable pattern. This is a path created by not trying new things. Instead, consider writing your own rituals and spells. In my books, I’ve shared a number of rituals, and you can use prewritten rituals as inspiration—on your way to creating your own original rituals.

  1. Avoid getting stuck in comparison patterns

I’ve talked with a number of fellow witches. Sometimes, I get surprised at how certain people compare themselves with spiritual elders. One of my friends said, “I cannot even breathe the same air as [a particular spiritual elder].”

I’ve noticed that all we get from such comparisons is misery. It also restricts us from even trying to expand our spiritual practice. Instead, I suggest that you focus on your own path and get into a place of acceptance that everybody else is on their own separate journey. How soon and what we learn is an individualized experience.

  1. Step away from feeling superior to a novice

In different circles, we hear about certain authors or teachers who seem to come across like they feel they’re superior to their readers or students. This is a trap.

When we get stuck in any focus on our own ego, we’re basically putting a restriction on our spiritual growth. Over the years as I’ve answered many questions, I have found it truly helpful that students will ask me things that will spark new ideas.

At times, I need to do research or talk with spiritual elders so that I can provide useful material. This is an example in which a student can bring a fresh approach that can uplift us all.

I’ve learned that having a healthy approach with humility clears the path to spiritual growth.

May these insights help you on your path.

Blessed Be,

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