How Witches Deal with the Mundane World Pushing the Opposite of Goddess’s Vision

Have you been feeling under pressure? Are you only seeing scarcity? Recently, I had a conversation with a friend, and we noticed that so much of the Mundane World is about pushing a story about scarcity and lack.

So much of the media that push products on us is about the message: “There’s a reason you feel bad. You don’t have [product]. Only if you had [product], then you’d feel better about yourself and your life. … By the way, don’t you deserve to have [product]?”

I’ve noticed that the Mundane World messages of scarcity and lack come across as the opposite of Goddess’s vision.

  1. Goddess Wants You to Call on Her

“Whenever ye have need of anything, once in a month, and better it be when the Moon be full, then ye shall assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of me, who am Queen of all Witcheries.” – Doreen Valiente, writing in the voice of the Goddess in The Charge of the Goddess

The Mundane World says that you are not enough and that you need to get things in order to feel happy. On the other hand, Goddess has already given you what you really need: Your senses, this Earth, your body and your spirit. Goddess has placed divinity within you. Still, she says “whenever ye have need of anything … assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of Me.” So, the answer is not to buy more stuff, it is to support your relationship with the Goddess by gathering and doing ritual.

  1. Goddess Wants You to Be Free

“And ye shall be free from slavery.” – Doreen Valiente, writing in the voice of the Goddess in The Charge of the Goddess

You can be a slave to a lot of things. One bad form of slavery is to be beholden to trying to please everyone. I have a big problem with this one. I want to make my loved ones happy. But on some level, it’s impossible to do this. Because this is impossible to do, I fail. With clinical depression symptoms, it is easy for me to spiral down into self-hate.

Instead, from this moment forward, I want to focus on this prayer.

Prayer for Real Freedom

Cradle me in Your arms
Like the Loving Mother You are
Teach me to stay on the path of love and appreciation
For myself and others.
Let me remember that my mind is my own
And my will is my own.
Let me realize that the Mundane World’s messages of
Scarcity, lack and “you are not enough” are illusions.
Let me feel in my heart
That You are the Gracious Goddess
Fully supporting me.
So Mote It Be.

May these insights support you on your path.

Blessed Be,

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