How Witches Connect with Their Creative Energy

As a witch, do you feel that you’re dancing to your own music while other people are moving at a different rhythm?

We can connect with our freedom to be creative and imaginative.

However, if we get caught up in the mundane world of fear and chaotic energy, we can lose an important part of ourselves. This can be tragic. As witches, we live on the level with magick and the Gods we honor. It’s a multi-spectrum world of color. But if we succumb to the mundane world, we fall into the monochrome world of cowens or mundanes (non-magickal people).

So how do we avoid putting on monochrome glasses?

  1. Devote time to read your sacred texts

You can refresh your mind with your handed-down BOS or a book by a favorite spiritual author.

You can create your own sacred text—your own BOS. Place your spells, your dreams and so much more about your magickal life into your personal BOS. Add colors, pictures and photos. You can go beyond simple, handwritten notes.

  1. Get into nature

As I mentioned in my recent post, make movement part of your daily life. This helps you have more energy for conducting your rituals.

Movement in nature, sometimes called Forest Bathing, can give you a wonderful, renewing experience. You can expand your powers. Not only do you work your body, but also you clean your aura when walking in a forest.

Natural landscapes and animals help you not only uplift your spirit. They also help activate your intuition and your second sight. You can communicate with trees and animals. Sense the energies they put out. All these things will help you grow.

  1. Attend Pagan Gatherings

Get out of your mundane world and attend a pagan gathering. You strengthen bonds with others and your Gods. You can learn from fellow witches and other magickal people.

Many witches find that at gatherings, they can express themselves as their creative selves. Some witches find it uplifting to offer a workshop about something they really love about being a witch.

May these insights support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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