How Witches Blossom with Beginnings, Endings and Chapters of Life


Are you going through some time of ending—at this moment?

Maybe, part of what hurts for many of us about Valentine’s Day is that we’re aware of what we don’t have or even what we do have that will end.

Many things end, including our childhood and our innocence. Many of us seek to find some way to deal with endings so we can become stronger.

I have three insights for you:

  1. Savor the sweetness of that prior Chapter of Life

For example, PantheaCon on February 14, 2020, has its 26th and final incarnation. The first time, I felt overwhelmed by the feeling of kinship with the attendees. PantheaCon is where I learned the Tarot and where I made many new friends. Each year, I came home to PantheaCon and saw individuals I otherwise did not see during the year. I learned much from so many people there. I met one of my Spirit Guides during a ritual conducted at PantheaCon.

Now, I realize that I have these sweet memories. And, from February 14th to 17th, I am blessed to make a few more sweet memories.

  1. Make space for your grief

Over the next couple of weeks, I might find myself having tears as I think about PantheaCon fading away like something in your rearview mirror.

I expect to go to the closing ceremonies of this final incarnation of PantheaCon. That will be a way for me to fully experience the process. I remember attending the funeral of a friend. I had tears. I made space for my grief.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll light a candle of thanks for the many great moments I’ve experienced at PantheaCon.

  1. Look to the horizon for what’s next and carry your lessons

One thing I learned during my first two times of attending PantheaCon was the wisdom to ground my personal energy. Being around so many like-minded people was invigorating. I needed to ground my energy so I could comfortably fall asleep each night.

As I look to the horizon for other possible pagan gatherings, I retain what I learned. For example, I wear a hematite necklace that helps ground energy around me.

May the beginnings and endings of Chapters of Life bless your journey,

Blessed Be,

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