How Witches Handle Worry in the Age of the Coronavirus



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We, witches, have some tools to support us during this time of anxiety.

Here are three methods to support you.

  1. Make washing your hands a ritual

The World Health Organization and other health-related institutions emphasize washing your hands.

Many of us have heard: Sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice while you’re washing to clean your hands thoroughly.

We, witches, can substitute a chant or prayer that we recite in our mind—while washing your hands. Then you have the added benefit of connecting with the Gods.

  1. Get enough rest and recovery times

If you’re feeling run-down, you’re more susceptible to falling ill. Rest is the key to staying healthy. Sometimes, we are so busy that we forget to just take a break.

I schedule my time to go to sleep and my time to awaken. If I get knocked off schedule, I’ll take a nap when I can.

  1. Ask the Gods to help you shift out of worry, and ask Them to keep you safe.

It’s understandable that we feel anxiety rise every time we’re exposed to another broadcast news/social media mention of the latest statistics about people contracting the coronavirus.

I’ve noticed that I can shift out of the anxious feelings if I turn my mind to prayer or chanting to the Gods. It’s important that we don’t let ourselves stay stuck in worry-related thoughts. Such thoughts can make our adrenal glands overwork.

Paying attention to dire announcements all day long causes the stress hormone cortisol to be secreted—a lot. Too much cortisol can lead to health risks. It’s important to shift to inner peace. Turn to the Gods for help.

Prayer and meditation are good ways to ask the Gods for assistance. The Gods can help calm your anxiety and fear.

You can use this chant along with meditation.

Protection Chant

Lord and Lady
Protect me in my need
Keep me calm and at ease.
Let my fears be released
Help me know inner peace.
So Mote It Be.

May these methods support you at this time.

Blessed Be,

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