How Witches Stand Guard at the Door of Their Minds

Have you longed for feeling better in your daily life?

You have probably noticed how so many people seem to have a short fuse right now during the unrest taking place throughout the world.

Witches can rise above the pain and strife of the mundane world.

We believe in the affirmation and fulfillment of life in a continuation of evolution and development of consciousness, that gives meaning to the Universe we know, and our personal role within it.” The 9th Principle of the 13 Principles of Wiccan Belief as assembled by the American Council of Witches

I realized that to support the development of consciousness in ourselves we must stand guard at the door of our mind.

This phrase “Stand guard at the door of your mind” was mentioned by a friend of mine. The phrase is ascribed to a number of people.

Two Things to Guard Against – to Keep Out of Your Mind

  • Guard Against Fear

Fear can twist your thoughts. It can make you do things you would not normally do. You’ve probably noticed that fear can turn to anger, and a person can lash out with harsh words.

I’ve noticed that fear can twist and turn into greed. A person running scared might lash out and try to hoard things and people.

What is the answer to fear? Love. I’ll share more about that soon.

  • Guard Against Hate

Where does hate come from?

“Hatred is driven by two key emotions of love and aggression: One, love for the in-group—the group that is favored; and two, aggression for the out-group—the group that has been deemed as being different, dangerous, and a threat to the in-group.”  Patrick Wanis, a behavioral researcher

Again, the answer is Love. The Gods remind us that we are all Their children. The Gods are the Creators of everything.

This thought rose up for me: “We live in a divine world. Hate has no place here.”

Another thought arose: “It is appropriate to protect oneself. But I do not have to hate in order to protect myself. I can do what is necessary for safety. I do not have to put myself into a negative spiral of judgmental thoughts and negative energy.”

I realize that lower consciousness includes reflexively striking back—and returning negativity for negativity.

 Love and a Process to Support the Development of Consciousness

We need to support bringing love into our lives

Love operates at a higher frequency than hate. Love helps us grow out of that lower state of being.

I feel that we, too often, put up walls to our happiness and to love.

So, how do we bring these walls down? With the following ritual.

Being at a higher frequency helps you think your way through with compassion.

Bringing Down the Walls Ritual

What you will need:

  • One Reversal candle – black on top and red on the bottom
  • Lighter and incense of your choice (Frankincense and Myrrh are good choices)
  • Appropriate incense burner
  • Magickal Tools for Casting Circle
  • Candleholder
  • Cakes and Wine

Cast on a waning moon.

To start:

  1. Cast circle
  2. Cleanse and consecrate your candle and place it on your altar.

Sit and meditate on what you are about to do: Break your walls down and raise yourself to a higher vibration of love.

Once you have your mind fixed on your task begin by lighting the reversal candle and say:

Walls, walls crumble down,
Walls, walls to the ground.
Hate destroyed and fear abated,
Making room to be elated.
Love is the only law I know,
Love surrounds me with great flow.
As I so Will, so Mote it Be.

Sit and meditate on what you have accomplished. Feel the flow of the Gods’ love surround you. Feel the peace now within you.

  1. Cakes and Wine Ceremony
  2. Close Your Circle

May these insights and this ritual support you on your journey.

Blessed Be,

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