How Witches Make Space for Simple Pleasures

Have you been busy recently and that has crowded out taking time for simple pleasures in life?

Simple pleasures can include slowing down, sipping, and enjoying a latte. Or relaxing outside with a good book and some wine or tea.

“…all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals. And therefore, let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.” – Doreen Valiente, writing in the voice of the Goddess, in The Charge of the Goddess

Goddess gives us a whole spectrum of simple pleasures to consider.

Here are three insights:

  1. Open your awareness to a simple pleasure

I like taking a ritual bath. I’ve noticed that I have not made space for it. Soaking in water also causes skin difficulties for me, which would require me to take extra steps to protect my skin. My point is that I need to start with awareness and make space so I can take the time to focus on my needs and to connect with the Gods.

  1. Learn and rehearse saying No

If you’re constantly saying yes to other people, you won’t be able to fit in something that means a lot to your heart.

Lacey, a friend, always used to say yes when people asked her to do things. Because of this, she never had time for herself, and she ran herself into the ground.

Learning to say no is a good thing, and it’s part of setting healthy boundaries.

Setting boundaries in how you use your time and energy can help you save yourself from grief and trouble.

You could say something like: “That sounds like it’s a good project. My plate is full at this time. And I’m taking better care of myself. So, I’ll have to say no to participating in your project.”

Witches can realize that when you say no to one thing, you open your ability to say yes to prayer and ritual so you can communicate with the Gods.

Saying no helps you free up time for your own sanity. You can do meditation, ritual, or simply rest and just be—in the moment.

  1. Schedule time to be present with the Gods

Imagine communicating with the God and the Goddess. You can do this with meditation, doing ritual, or doing some sort of service in Their names.

You could volunteer, perhaps, at an animal shelter. This can be doing the work of the Gods, which can bring you into a closer relationship with Them. Or perhaps, you’ll take a walk in a park or somewhere that you can enjoy nature. The Gods are present with you in nature.

Each day, I devote myself to a short meditation session. That’s when I relax and talk to my God and Goddess about the day’s activities. I even ask for guidance.

Simple pleasures provide us with valuable support we need.

Imagine that you were supporting your best friend. You would likely say, “You love taking a ten-minute break with your latte. You deserve it. In fact, when we talk on the phone after your latte-break, you sound full of life. It’s worth it.”

Simple pleasures also help you show up better for your time to honor your Gods. The Gods placed divinity within you. They want you to support the divine flame in you. Ask Them for guidance about the blessed opportunities for simple pleasures in your life.

May these insights support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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