Witches Explore Details about Goddess Brigid

Have you heard about how Goddess Brigid is worshipped during Imbolc?

She is known for her hospitality, healing powers, and feeding a lot of people.

Recently, I have been studying details about her. I realize that many Witches might focus on Goddess Brigid more during the time of Imbolc.

I had a thought that we can celebrate Goddess Brigid by emphasizing these elements in our own daily life.

  1. Hospitality

Brigid is known for her hospitality. The well-known Celtic tradition of hospitality includes how a householder was bound to offer food and drink to anyone who came to their home.

How can we bring this into our lives?

Hospitality can be demonstrated in how we talk on the phone and how we share ideas or resources (even links to helpful articles).

You can demonstrate kindness and generosity to family members and friends.

If you live with family members or a roommate, you can bring their favorite food to the dinner table.

In your own spiritual rituals, you can set a small plate at the head of the table for the God and Goddess.

You and your family may sit down and call on the God and the Goddess to be present. Serve the Gods first by placing food on the Their plate at the head of the table. While doing so, say thank you to the Gods for something that They have given your family.

  1. Healing Powers

Brigid has been called a master of healing. You can honor her by making sure you have the resources for healing. Getting appropriate sleep and eating nutritious foods will help you. Perhaps, you’ll take a daily walk to keep your body functioning well. Healing also arises from filling your thoughts with positive input. Minimize your interaction with negative media and social media. Consider adding meditation to your daily routine.

  1. Feeding people

In a number of accounts, Brigit is known for her powers of providing large amounts of things like bacon, butter, and milk. She turned well water into beer.

You might consider donating food to a local food bank.

Perhaps, you might honor Brigid by focusing on hospitality, healing powers, and feeding people.

May these insights support your journey of life.

Blessed Be,

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