How Witches Experience Their Divine Potential

Do you feel that you could be more than what you’re feeling in this moment?

Feel lost and adrift?

Here are three ways you can get back on track.

  1. Learn to stay open to your Divine Potential

Watch for appropriate signs. Your conscious choice to look for signs and possible meanings gives your life new ways to blossom.

I’ve noticed that certain signs can be a comfort when you’re feeling low. For example, I noticed a bird begin building her nest just outside one of my home’s windows. I watched her gather sticks and form her nest. I suddenly had the feeling that my own plans and efforts were coming together. Recently, I have been recording some audios that will become part of my next online course.

  1. Discover how to recognize the signs

Signs are everywhere. You can notice them on your daily walk or even a trip to the grocery store.

Signs can tell you when you’re on the right path, increasing your potential for growth.

One way to recognize signs is to notice how you feel and where you feel such a feeling.

For example, I’ll have a thought and then the feeling will manifest in my chest.

Where do you feel something in your body when you’re noticing something that is important?

  1. Realize that you can see the Gods’ Plan when you “look backward”

Imagine that you look at previous signs that showed up in your life. Consider that it’s like playing a dot-to-dot game. You can see how the previous signs connect and add up to something in your present—and even something in your future.

For example, I had thoughts about writing before I attended college. But I felt shut down because of my dyslexia. I did not start my blog until nine years after graduating from college.

However, as I look back now, over the years, I had moments of writing and connecting with my heart and soul.

So, the Gods’ plan that I am a blogger and author manifested through the years—according to Their pace.

By the way, the Gods showed me that I could be a writer even though I struggle daily with dyslexia.

Take a moment now and look back. Do you see any “dots” that add up to your Divine Potential?

You might find that the dots come together and form a picture of your bright future.

May these insights support you on your life journey.

Blessed Be,

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