How Witches Experience the Wonders of Initiation

Initiation is a wondrous experience. Much of Initiation is kept in trust and secrecy.

Fortunately, I can give you some concepts.

  1. Achieve the transformation to a Priest or Priestess.

Initiation is the process of becoming a Priest or Priestess. You make vows to the God and Goddess. The details of Initiations are kept in secret. Why? Part of the reasoning is so that you can have a complete experience like no other. It’s an experience. One way I describe this is: “You don’t want to know the end of the story before you’ve seen it.” During Initiation, you are immersed in the experience.

  1. Experience rebirth into a new reality.

When I was initiated, I experienced the creation of a whole new reality inside and outside of myself. Initiation shakes you free of your old life, and it embraces you into the new reality of priesthood. This is a process of ending your path as a neophyte. You experience a rebirth in your new role and reality as Priest or Priestess.

  1. Experience how your daily life is elevated from this moment forward.

Once initiated, you find that your whole worldview is different. Things are brighter and more vibrant. Colors are more vivid. Your other senses are unusually acute. Also, when initiated you become karmically linked to your initiators.

Special Note: Since you become karmically linked to your initiators, devote appropriate time and consideration to decide with whom you want to connect.

May these insights support you on your life path.

Blessed Be,

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