How Witches Experience the “Beneficial Paradox”


Have you noticed that meditation and rituals give you peace, clarity and closeness with the Gods?

Recently, I realized that there are times when peace and clarity can be opposed to each other.

Perhaps, you’re like me, and you would like to experience more moments of peace each day. I experience peace as moments in which I’m free of self-deprecating thoughts that cause me pain.

However, I’ve experienced moments of clarity that actually bothered me.

When you have clarity, you can feel uneasy. For example, Janet did a Tarot reading and a ritual about her job. She received clarity… that she was in the wrong job. She felt a stirring of anxiety. It felt like the opposite of peace.

In a conversation with a friend, the phrase “Beneficial Paradox” arose about this relationship between peace and clarity. We need both.

What’s the solution to the Beneficial Paradox of Peace versus Clarity?

I’ve found a solution in talking to the Gods during a meditation session. This can create a certain closeness you can’t get with other people. With this close relationship, the Gods can guide you to clarity as well.

Clarity can save your life.

Some years ago, I stopped for a red light at an intersection.

The light turned green, but I heard guidance from the Gods in the form of “Don’t go!”

So, I hesitated.

Another car raced through the intersection, and it would have crashed into my car if I had driven forward.

Meditation and ritual can condition you to receive guidance more often.

One more point: Sometimes the Gods give you clarity, but you don’t want to accept it yet. I’ve used this comment: “Sometimes, you get ‘Goddess-slapped’ upside your head.” This means that Goddess shakes you up. It helps to stay open and receive guidance.

May these insights support your life journey.

Blessed Be,

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